disadvantages and advantages of woods and plastics

are there disadvantages to plastic containers for pickling

read the are there disadvantages to plastic containers for pickling? moved from pnw board discussion from the chowhound home cooking food community. join the discussion today.

advantages and disadvantages of becoming the opposite sex

adv: free drinks and people hold doors open for you disadv: getting ready for things will take longer because of make-up, what dress or shoes to wear, how to wear your hair, etc. childbirth is a

the benefits of having an ambivert personality

experts also say ambiverts may be better at certain jobs that require adjusting your personality depending on the situation and the different types of people involved.

what are the pros and cons of plastic cars?

most of the plastics used by auto makers are made from recycled plastic or recyclable plastic. if they don't use plastic, they use cheap, flimsy sheet metal or some alloy. any steel alloy is not

how yammer is killing enterprise social networking

by looking at the reasons behind enterprise social networking adoption in large corporations we can begin to understand why social business tools are not living up to their hype or potential.

doctors explore benefits of 'bloodless' surgery

plastic straws are losing popularity but cigarette butts are the real environmental problem 4h ago. was an ivy league student slain in the name of hate?

advantages of glass cutting boards?

6 very durable the glass surface wont wear like wood or plastic *explanation: glass has good strength, but low on toughness. so while glass can shatter and chip under high impact force, glass do not bend or deform or easily grind away like a plastic board does -- think of your glassware and ceramic dishes*

advantages and disadvantages

as we all know, at the start of a campaign or skirmish you find out what the different advantages and disadvantages of each nation. so my question is, what advantages and disadvantages do you think there will be for the different factions?

advantages of mac

ok, i don't want this to turn into a fire storm or have a bunch of people drooling over apple, but i want to know what the advantages of having a mac over a pc is?

glass or plastic

they have their respective advantages and disadvantages. plastic containers are difficult to break and even when you do break them, they usually just crack and not shatter into hundreds of pieces. they are also very light to move.

the advantages to being an outsider

1. no political debts to pay being an outsider clearly confers advantages. you have no affiliations. you aren't beholden to particular people, causes, factions.

5 ways the 'sharing' economy works against workers

hamburger and hot dog buns recalled for plastics-choking hazard one of the country's largest producers of buns found pieces of hard plastic in production equipment jul 10

the pros and cons of low-cost virtual reality headsets

there is no dearth of virtual reality headsets. while oculus rift and samsung gear vr might be the big kids on the playground, there are countless others running around, vying for attention.

containers: the pros and the cons of these vm alternatives

instead of virtualizing the entire server hardware stack, container abstraction occurs at the os level. in most container systems, the user space is abstracted.

the pros and cons of taking a company buyout

united airlines is flashing some cash in the hopes of persuading at least 2,100 of its senior flight attendants to stop flying the friendly skies. the company's buyout proposal would put up to