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motorola moto e review: a dirt-cheap android kitkat phone

the phone has only 4gb of storage on board, which won't be enough to house your music, videos and apps -- particularly as there's little over 2gb available for you to use, as the operating system

best tvs for 2019

lg oledb8p series best high-end tv for the money. oled tvs are the picture quality kings, and even in mid-2019 this oled tv from 2018 is still the one to buy.44

the 5.5-inch screen has a full-hd 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution, giving it a pixel density of 400 pixels per inch. that's the same size and resolution as the iphone 6 plus, and in terms of

motorola moto g 4g lte review: best budget phone gets

the moto g first launched last year with android 4.3 jelly bean on board, but was updated to 4.4.2 kitkat in january. the 4g model comes with kitkat as standard, with new features such as the

huawei honor 6 review: a budget phone, stuffed with top

it results in a pixel density of 440 pixels per inch, which casually beats the iphone 6 326ppi , the samsung galaxy alpha 312ppi the phone arrives with android 4.4.2 kitkat on board, which

samsung galaxy tab 4 7.0 review: a fine tablet, but you

the samsung galaxy tab 4's meager specs and humble design make it easy to pass over in a sea of budget android devices. but don't be too hasty, as it is worth your consideration.

modular, cheap thorium power plants rolling off the

the energy density of nuclear alone should outweigh a number of the potential disadvantages pound per kilowatt-hour alone. then we have the impending energy crisis in the developing world to address. we can't have them all burning coal willy nilly or we've already lost any gains we have made with cleaner technologies.

hawkman character

katar hol new earth hawkworld was released in 1989 and illustrated by tim truman. there was a darker feel to the subject matter, dealing with societal corruption, racism, and imperialism.

32 amazing photos of solar eclipses pictures

india, july 2009 the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century came on july 22, 2009, and cast a shadow over much of asia, plunging hundreds of millions into darkness across the land masses of

the best grinder for indian spices

the best grinder for indian spices. by leena trivedi-grenier. march 7, 2014 edit. its easy: buying whole and grinding as needed is the best way to get the most flavor out of your spices. not so easy: finding the right grinder. popular solutions include a blade-type electric coffee grinder and an old-fashioned mortar and pestle like my indian aunts still use. i wanted to find the best, most

physically enhanced composite human vs random adult

the doctors said his bone density was 8 times as much as a regular human. so lets say this human has a bone density of 16 times a regular human. so lets say this human has a bone density of

sony xperia m4 aqua review: big on style, short on substance

sony's new xperia m4 aqua is a watered-down version of one of my favourite phones of last year, the stunningly sleek and very expensive xperia z3.

blackberry passport review: a powerful, cumbersome love

the square 4.5-inch display has a 1,440x1,440-pixel resolution, with a pixel density of 453 pixels per inch. it's a gorgeous screen but the width is key here, as the passport can show about 60

one piece verse v.s new-52 aquaman

i made a composite aquaman respect thread without any of the obscure feats unless they came from the trident. no waterhand, harpoon, cybernetic, blessing or lantern feats. no waterhand, harpoon

why do small countries like pakistan and bangladesh have

india is geographically smaller than the united states population of 315 million but it has 1.2 billion people. japan is the size of california which has a population of 38 million, which is