how to use plastic as a retainer wall

can i replace my laptop keybord

put the ribbon connector in, slide the plastic retainer back down and snap the keyboard back into place. the most i've paid for the keyboard is 150. seven trustst has been 75. it varies with the laptop

e. dehillerin---what to buy?

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keys don't type

my laptop is running windows xp. when i press the 'e' key it doesn't go through. instead it opens windows explorer. when i type 'm' it minimizes all the wind

tired of my huge cable tv bill. what are my options?

the tv that i need to use the antenna on is in a small bedroom behind an enclosed sunroom but i also tried one of the antennas in my bedroom which has outside walls. still poor reception. so

tertill hunts down garden weeds like a roomba chases dirt

the robot's bright green plastic body lends even more playfulness to the tertill's appearance. the robot always managed to climb over this low hurdle, tumble down a retaining wall, then land

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9 iphone cases that do more than protect your iphone

a successor to loop attachment's popular mummy case, the straitjacket modifies the design with a hard plastic bumper for better protection while retaining the silicone bands that criss-cross the

watch ron hazelton's housecalls season 20 episode 5: 10-08

first aired: october 8, 2018. ron lends a hand in designing and building a multi-level backyard fountain using plastic pond liners and retaining wall blocks.

replacing keys on a key board

i have a samsung laptop and 2 keys on the keyboard have been damaged, so they need to be replaced, i have taken them off and now i need to find out where i can buy them can anyone help please

10 unique homes on stilts

click ahead to check out 10 unique homes on stilts. the stilts allowed the builders to save on the cost of building expensive retaining walls, which is a common technique in this hilly area

acer aspire e300 review: acer aspire e300

it's easy to chop and change components within seconds, as the pc's side panel opens up via a pair of thumb screws, and the pci cards are clipped in place by a detatchable plastic retainer. features

upgrade your laptop's hard drive

once you've got that back in, put your retaining wall piece back in the side; it's not t6. so remember you're going to have to use both kinds of screwdrivers here, screw it back in, the piece goes