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philippines plane crash probed

at least six australians were on board, and the australian embassy said it had been able to confirm only one survivor, steve thompson, 25, of sydney.

refugees granted asylum

twenty-five north korean asylum seekers arrived friday for a three-day stopover in the philippines, before heading for south korea in the largest north korean mass defection since the korean war.


as 2015 draws to a close, we look back at the highs and lows; the memorable images and moments of the past year. fireworks light up the london skyline and big ben just after midnight on jan. 1, 2015.

thais: bangkok embassy plot foiled

american dies in dominican republic surgery officials in the dominican republic are investigating the death a new york woman who died while undergoing plastic surgery on the island.

call of duty 3

the most commonly used models were the m1919a4, which used a plastic pistol grip mounted on the butt and was used extensively on vehicles usually fed by a 100 or 250-round box of belt ammunition , and the m1919a6, which was equipped with a butt stock and bipod for mobile use by the infantry. the m1919 was possibly the best machinegun design ever built, and still remains in service in some


it was not new talk for the philippine president. in september a former militiaman testified that, when he was a mayor of davao city, duterte ordered him and other members of a liquidation squad

the latest from bobby fischer

fischer was detained on july 13 while trying to board a flight to the philippines. he is fighting possible deportation to the united states, saying his passport was revoked without due process.

navy ship gets stuck on coral reef in philippines

the ship ran aground thursday while in transit through the tubbataha national marine park, a coral sanctuary in the sulu sea, 400 miles southwest of manila.

u.s. navy officer leaps to death in philippines

manila, philippines - a u.s. navy officer jumped to his death at manila's airport after he was arrested with what was thought to be cocaine, philippine officials said tuesday, but tests later

navy ship gets stuck on coral reef in philippines

manila, philippines most of the sailors on a u.s. navy minesweeper that struck a coral reef in the philippines left the ship friday for safety reasons after initial efforts to free the vessel

somalia: plane attack attempted in nov.

u.s. officials are investigating a somali man's alleged attempt to board a flight last month carrying chemicals, liquid and a syringe in a case bearing chilling echoes of the plot to blow up a

rodrigo duterte threatens war against canada over trash

philippines president rodrigo duterte has threatened 'war with canada unless the nation takes back thousands of tons of trash shipped to manila by a canadian company, according to cnn philippines.