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adze of wepwawet improvement - villagers knock down trees in one hit, gather wood 10% faster wepwawet's sacred adze allows your laborers to fell a tree in a single blow, though they still must gather the wood from the fallen trunk. wepwawet was a minor egyptian god of the funerary cult. he used his adze a precursor of the plane tool to break open the mouth of the deceased in the

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the earliest were made of wood or wood and hide, and were in various shapes. they were carried in the hand or on the forearm and used to ward off blows or missiles in battle. shield designs and materials evolved to keep up with advances in weapons. wood and hide shields were easy to smash with bronze weapons, so bronze shields were developed. bronze shields also provided better defense against

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a number of prominent names in oregon and washington history, politics, and society have been numbered among name 's descendants, including a state governor, a senator, and the multi-millionaire founder of a company that become one of the nation's largest manufacturers of 1 . regrettably, several of name 's descendants, including a major figure in an early twentieth-century government and

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by dum november 17, 2013 0 mud slides caused by heavy rain are also a big killer, especially in the parts of the caribbean, central america and mexico with mountains. of course wind is a


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spike again it flicking through the dictionary occasionally looking up at drusilla who is now dealing a tarot deck on the table. smoke, the green, plant? i somehow doubt that the writer of this

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however, over time especially in battle it will degrade, gathering mud and even rust. this might lead to malfunctioning, jamming, and, in the end, exploding. when you see mud on your weapon, you should replace it as fast as possible. if not, it will eventually start to rust. as it degrades over time, the weapon will start jamming while shooting or reloading. when it jams, press the reload