wood framing details for second floor patio

this old house

inside, we meet framing contractor paul o'rourke, whose crew makes the cut, assembles the gable wall on the second floor, and pushes it up into place. on the roof, bruce killen reviews the

battlefield: bad company 2

there is sniper on the second floor and one on the third floor on the left side. take them out first. once the building is clear move down the ditch and equip your grenade launcher. after you pass the metal fence shoot the group of 3 soldiers that comes down the way and then turn left and take out the 2 guys there. now your objective is to get to the bridge across the way. choose a side to


right as you get onto the second floor, look for a bloody crate. jump onto the crate, then jump up and forward onto a duct. turn right and go shortly up along the top of the duct. turn around and jump onto a higher, shinier duct. walk along it, with breathtaking martian views, keeping an eye out for a yellow landing to the right of the duct. jump onto the landing - and jump again to a rooftop

super mario 64 ds

in the northeast room on the second floor, the coffin to the right in the first row is hiding a coin. move by it to make the coffin rise, so you can get the coin. 7. in the east room, run around to the south side by the tilting section of flooring. the red coin is to the side of that. 8. hit the red box on the balcony to make mario inflate and float around. use this ability to grab the final

watch the this old house hour episodes online season 9

in the second half: yard cleanup with rakes, blowers and lawn vacuums; the evolution of hvac thermostat technology; the installation of carpet tiles over a concrete basement floor. recap island

dragon quest v: tenkuu no hanayome

an old man on the second floor tells you that he's an old friend of duncan but that years ago, duncan became ill and had to get out of the business. today, duncan's family is living in a village near a mountain across the sea but it's a shame, as he really wanted to see the cute little girl. hmm, how are we going to get there? a warrior tells you that he's on a quest to get the legendary

eiyuu densetsu: zero no kiseki

talk to chief robert on the 2nd floor of the restaurant and he will give you the dark doctor glenn vol. 7. you can only get this one now. head to geofront sector a1 and take the shotrtcut elevator. now you can finally access the other elevator which will lead you to a new area. geofront - sector a2 it is tio's turn to earn a combo craft with lloyd navigate this place until you reach the