urban landscape patio tile near 110


say you're right at or near 0-5% unemployment, and you've got a relatively small city in terms of population. now, there's a threat of war. if you've got your military set to 'auto defend', the troops will be called into action one month from the arrival of the invaders. the number of people in your army will be subtracted from the city workforce. you'll get warnings of worker shortages almost

age of empires ii: the conquerors expansion

build mining camps near stone or gold mines to gather these resources faster. ----- monestary ----- monestaries let you create monks and improve their ability to heal the wounded and convert the enemy. monestaries cannot be converted by enemy monks. relics garrisoned inside a monestary provide a continuous supply of gold for your stockpile. monks can be garrisoned inside the monestary if you

star wars: knights of the old republic

the first group is near the center of the grove area, the second group is just west of the matale mansion, and the third is in the southern middle area of the sandral grounds. all of these groups consist of about 5 men each. two of the men will be fit in mandolorian armor and be tough to defeat. the other three men will be easy to slaughter. remember to check the remains of the bodies, there

singles: flirt up your life

the singles will return in singles 2 coming soon to a pc near you. a wedding graphic appears after the dialog. the villa will now be unlocked for you to visit in this game or to start a new game in free form mode. there will be no further dialog as the story is over. ===== 10.10 trouble plotlines ===== ideally you should never see these, however if you don't balance the work load some for

sid meier's civilization v

- hex tiles - yes, the square tiles are gone, the diagonal tiles are in the dustcans of history, they are replaced with hex tiles, and although it might be a bit of a shock, they look horribly nice. they are very well done, and old civ players really wouldn't notice too much of a difference. - cities can bombard and defend - yes, that is right, cities can now bombard enemies that come within 2

saints row

ultor dome sr1distarenaf10b ----- the primary feature of ultor dome is, of course, the dome, which takes up the majority of the landscape in this neighborhood. just east of the dome are a few bars and shops, while to the west is a long cement canal with a power station at its northern end. the neighborhood is controlled by the west side rollerz, and contains a foreign powers dealership and a

what the animals are telling us

a home destroyed by beach erosion tips over in the the alaskan village of shishmaref, just 110 miles from the east coast of russia. shishmaref faces evacuation due to global warming.

mother 1 2

inside the live house, talk to the guy standing near the stage and say yes to singing on stage there is a lady here who will offer to buy you a drink - say no or else you'll be taken to jail and have to buy back your weapons from the police . after the song, the b.b. gang boss will come up and accuse you of beating up his friends. regardless of what you answer, he will attack you anyway. it's

mega man battle network 2

head near the gas that is left and a cutscene occurs. lan uses the fan to blow the gas away. he blows all of it away and can now see the bathtub yai can be seen - she is unconscious in the bathtub. before lan can help her, the gas returns the scene returns to megaman. towards his right, the huge collection of gas before the last ventilation program clears because of lan. but, a navi appears