how much is composite fencing per linear foot


the max amount of trade i- tems you can carry, regardless of how much hold space your fleet has, is 255 tons per item. 6. morale this item shows the mood of your crew. the four levels, in order from best to worst are: - happy - pleased - unhappy - angry once morale level reaches unhappy, crew members may desert you when you leave port. in some cases they take gold with them, in other cases

s.t.a.l.k.e.r.: shadow of chernobyl walkthrough

the brain scorcher facility is mostly empty, and is very linear, so dont worry about taking a wrong turn. when you spot the nonfunctional cargo elevator, look for the stairwell nearby and take

a tale of two turbochargers: the porsche 718 boxster

fourth gear now, foot still nailed to the floor, still accelerating, wondering vaguely in the back of my head how much pressure the turbo is putting out. fifth gear and i could see the braking

jvc lt-x898 review: jvc lt-x898

the good accurate color temperature and linear both of which share slots with composite-video and, in one case, s-video inputs, as well. although all of this sharing reduces the total number

quest for glory i: so you want to be a hero vga version

unlike most other of sierra's adventures, the quest for glory series has more non-linear elements. the combat, the spells, the loot, and the silly puns and jokes all make for a great adventure. in this, the first out of five in the series, our nameless hero well, you name him enters the valley of spielburg to prove himself. this is by far the simplest of the five games, but there are still

grand theft auto iv

the number in parenthesis is how much ammo you'll recieve per purchase. - jacob - the price to buy the weapon from jacob, follwed by how much ammo costs for that weapon, using the format 'weapon price / ammo price'. - fists - slot - 0 - availability - n/a - gun shop - n/a - jacob - n/a - if you don't have any weapons, you can always just rely on your good old fists, though this won't do you

bet on soldier: blood sport

but, miniguns are much less stable than assault/commando rifles, and the damage per bullet is actually quite weak. there are a few additional disadvantages to the miniguns: they overheat if you shoot for too long, you can't move while shooting, and it takes a few seconds for the barrels to start spinning before you can fire. you can monitor the temperature of your minigun by watching the

drakan: the ancients' gates

talk to the man standing by the fence to find out his daughter was kidnapped by trogs, rynn will have to find her. cross the bridge and follow the trog to the left down the hillside. walk into the water and head south, be careful to watch out for the trog hiding in the water ahead. smash the barrel found on the south piece of land in case of treasure. now go under the falls and press l1 to

hexyz force

it's usually not that much, so you don't have to worry about depleting your whole fp reserve just to use this function. however, a bad thing about this function is that it does not replenish your party's rp. this can make thins a bit difficult during the game, because this will either force you to use low-rp usage skills or it will make you search out a couple of force sites. however, healing

tales of the abyss

the room right above has the balla forte capacity core, which gives the rather nice bonus of one point for strength, agility, and enhancement per level. enter the room across the hall from that one for a silver cloak inside, and then just go back to the other side of the hall and head right above for a partisan. all the other rooms, except the one to the far north contain nothing. however

phantasy star online episode i and ii

it can hit many enemies but it will only hit them once per casting. higher levels make the river extend further, does more damage and increases the speed of the tech. gifoie - the step up from foie, it is much more difficult to use. it holds with the foie classifications too. the spell causes a fireball 2 at later levels to emit from the caster and spin in a large spiral around the caster