put decking around an above ground swimming pool

the sims 2: castaway

a: go around and chisel the rock directly above it. you need to be in exactly the right place to do this. it's very sensitive so keep trying. remember that you need a stone hammer and a chisel. q: i can't get through the door in the dark cave. what is wrong? where is the key? a: you have to wait until later in the game when you have the llama king's crown. q: can i get rid of my sim's beard by

uncharted 3: drake's deception

upon reaching some solid ground again, turn around and you'll see the treasure on a steel girder. jump across to the metal floor grating next to you, and jump towards the steel girders, making your way towards the treasure. 5 you'll be climbing and fighting your way for a while, eventually drake will say to himself, 'alright, almost there.' then you will have to grab onto a rope and run

rollercoaster tycoon 3

pool shower - $3.00 no obvious benefits, but they do get used, so spend a few bucks and put some in. sun loungers - $15.00 put in a pair of beach chairs for guests to lay in the sun. sun loungers w/ umbrella - $20.00 allows guests to get into the shade while in your pool high dive - $51.00 and up you can build a multiple level high dive on your deck for your guests enjoyment. spa pool - $75.00

super mario 64

go up to the bomb-omb king, then run around him and grab him, then throw him to the ground. do this three times. grab the star when he explodes. *1 star 2: talk to the second bomb-omb to set-up the cannon. go to the turtle. go up the ramp, through the caged area, through the balls, up the hill until you see a hole in the wall, get near the back of the hole, it should teleport you near the

hidden mysteries: titanic

swimming baths use the fishing pole on the item in the pool. line the fishing pole up with the item in the pool and left click. take the ball game. 3rd class bunks give george his ball game. the ball game puzzle use the key board to move the ball around or by click on the arrows i click on the arrows click the right arrow up arrow left arrow down arrow left arrow up arrow

leisure suit larry goes looking for love in several wrong

at the top of the second set, walk east to the end of the deck to enter the swimming pool area. the sunscreen from los angeles is the second essential item that is needed on the cruise ship, and you will need to restore a los angeles save game if you didn't pick it up from the drugstore. use sunscreen on larry and then lie on the empty deck chair. after a few seconds, a blonde will walk into


a couple also rappel down from the deck above, so take them all up and continue up the stairs. on the next level you'll deal with a few more soldiers. inside, be prepared for close quarters combat as you ascend up to the next level. there are a couple of rooms with a few enemies each. back outside, make your way around the support and take out more soldiers on the deck. when you come back to