synthetic wood floor chips on basement

wasteland 2

this is the guy who supposedly stole the chips from manny in hollywood. talk to him and have him tell you that manny is a liar and the chips really belong to him. you can coerce him into giving you a

this old house

in the basement, richard gets the underfloor heating story from larry luttrell, who is using a aluminum plates to direct the heat up through the chapel's old wood floor. our host meets mason jim

consumer-confidence report sparks rally

both the dow jones industrial average and the nasdaq composite gain ground after a better-than-expected consumer-confidence report lifts investor spirits. blue-chip and technology stocks moved

metallo character

metallo first appeared during this operation he recieved a synthetic kryptonite heart made with elements stolen from s.t.a.r. labs. these elements include man made radioactive materials of

human sewage--the next source of electricity?

culture human sewage--the next source of electricity? can microbes turn drain water into power? yes, says a noted genetic scientist. and they can make jet fuel too.

what's bizarre at the whitney?

a synthetic stag bends over an area rug in this art work by erick swenson, called 'untitled,' during a preview of the 2004 biennial exhibit at the whitney museum of american art in new york

would this upscale my wii to 1080p?

well i`m gonna get my basement fixed up soon, and we we`re going to get all the lastest and greatest modern stuff. i want to get a great tv and i`m going to get a surround sound receiver and i was

your future sex life, laid bare

sdcc, the biggest convention ever, had a very small start: what started as a gathering in a basement has exploded into one of the world's biggest cultural blowouts.

those who said the x1x gpu is a match for the 1070 come

you will get a lot of benchmarks with older games and older synthetic benchmarks that brings the i7 7700k close to the coffee lake chip because of the hyperthreading.

lcd making worse for environment than coal?

'missing greenhouse gas' called nitrogen trifluoride, used in production of flat-screen tvs, chips, and synthetic diamonds, could accelerate global warming, according to a report.

mitsubishi hc4900 review: mitsubishi hc4900

so at $4,000, the hc4900 is a bargain basement baby. surprisingly, then, for such a cheap model, the physical design doesn't entirely suck. yes, it's a bit barren, bland and above all black, but

projector recommendations and wiring question

hi all, my husband i would like to use a projector in our basement for daily watch of tv, playstation, movies, and work out videos. our plans are to hang it from the ceiling.